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Zatopa & Siegel, Attorneys at Law

“Our child was failing at school, and we were surprised when the school staff ignored our written requests for assessment under the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504. Our child became increasingly anxious and depressed, finally requiring hospitalization. At this point we contacted Michael Zatopa, as we had been referred to him as a special education attorney. With his help, our child qualified for special education under IDEA, and an appropriate school placement was located and secured. We are appreciative of the professional advocacy services performed by Mr. Zatopa and his staff at Zatopa & Stephens. It made a difference in our child’s life.”

“ We live in an area of California with very few special education programs available for our two disabled children. The school district only offered partial school programs for both, which certainly fell short of meeting their unique educational needs. For one of our children who has behavioral difficulties, the school district responded by frequently sending him to the office or suspending him. Our written requests for a functional analysis assessment of the behaviors were ignored. After attending endless and non-productive IEP meetings, we finally called Michael Zatopa of Zatopa & Stephens for assistance. With his help, we were able to obtain appropriate behavioral services, and our son was able to stay in class. For our other child, we were able to successfully locate and secure an appropriate school placement. We have been so pleased with the legal outcome that we highly recommend Zatopa & Stephens to other parents in a similar situation. On behalf of our family, thank you!”

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