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While each potential client that contacts our office has a unique set of concerns or problems, Zatopa & Stephens has developed several approaches to serving individual, group, and corporate clients. While there may be occasional cases which require a more tailored approach, we have found that one of several approaches to representing our clients is successful for a vast majority of our prospective clients.

For prospective clients who seek assistance with a child who is having difficulties, we will review the case and determine whether an independent assessment of the child is needed. If so, we will provide assistance in obtaining such an evaluation. If not, we will then determine whether a consultation is appropriate or whether ongoing representation is necessary. For prospective clients with adopted children, we will review your plans and needs as well as options available to you.
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For prospective clients who are already in an organization of parents of special needs children, or are interested in forming a group, we have developed a Group Pre-paid Legal Services Program to provide an individual review of your case, and step-by-step advice, some individual and some in a group format, to instruct you on how to communicate directly with a school district, and handle the IEP process, and if necessary, the appeal and mediation procedures.This program allows parents to navigate the special education process with direct legal advice, at a low cost.
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Finally, for corporate clients, an initial screening will determine whether our firm has the expertise that is appropriate for the issue your corporation is facing. If so, we will work with the corporate staff to develop an attorney/client relationship that fits the needs and budget of the corporate entity. We can provide a range of services from simple counseling, to an ongoing retainer relationship at a fixed cost.
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