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Zatopa & Siegel, Attorneys at Law

We provide legal assistance in 5 major areas:

Special Education: We assist parents of children with disabilities who may be entitled to special education services and placement to meet their unique needs. While we have represented parents of children in every area of special education, common cases for us involve children with emotional disturbances, including those who require residential placements, autistic children, and children with learning disabilities and ADD/ADHD.

Prepaid Group Legal Services: We provide prepaid legal advice to parents of special education students in a group format to allow parents to proceed through the special education maze on their own, but with direct legal advice at each juncture of the process.

Regional Centers: We assist parents of individuals,usually children, who have developmental disabilities and may be entitled to Regional Center services in or out of home.

Injuries to Children: We provide assistance to families whose children have been injured and who therefore may have legal recourse for those injuries.

Non-Profit Corporations Serving Children & Adults: We represent non-profit institutions which provide special services and programs for children and adults with disabilities.

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